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January 25, 2006


Widget was going to drive you home! She thought after all the hard work you had done, with the driving into town, loading all those supplies and everything else you do, she was just ready to help out!

Widget, you are an absolute cutie! The front seat has the best view in the truck! Hope all is well with test results.

In viewing the picture of your truck and your discussion of the Good Food Store, I saw you yesterday loading your groceries. I remember because I thought - Man, that guys's truck is loaded. If I knew it was you - I would have stopped to give you a big hug and thanked you for all the fabulous work you guys do!!

Now to Widget, whose blogs I follow religiously. You see, I have a beagle - synomous for small Napoleon type dog - A few years ago my beagle began, in his late middle age, to wet during his sleep and other hard to describe problems. After a battery of medical tests - we could find nothing, absolutely nothing. At this point Dr. Patti Prado (my vet) suggested trying Chiropractic on the beagle. IT WORKED and continues to work well. Apparently beagles (and dachunds) are more prone to alignment type issues. Capt Hook gets adjusted every few months unless needed sooner, and he's doing great. Now truly you could have never told me I would be having chiropractic done on one of my animals a few years ago.

I tell you this so if you run into any deadends in the medical tests with the tests on sweet Widget, you might be aware.

Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!! Jacque Lanier

Widget's such a cute girl and a character!. I'm hoping her health will be fine. I appreciate the photos of what your chores involve, including town chores, as it gives a real picture of what's involved in running your ranch.

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