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December 22, 2005


Hi Alayne:

You asked for guesses as to Blind Vadar / Luke's breed and I'm thinking with his very pronounced Stop and heavy Brow, AND given the shorter stature and short legs, he may have some Spaniel mixed in - such as Clumber or Cavelier King Charles. Just a thought. One of our dogs is a cross between (we think) a Golden Retriever and a Corgi. He looks like a Golden with 6" legs. Too cute.


Taking a cue from the Star Wars movie series, Blind Vader should be renamed after the "good guys".

May we suggest either "LUKE" or perhaps "SKYWALKER".

How about "Bumper?"
Merry Christmas to all of you out there on the ranch!

This little stub of a lab mix can only be Hector. Sweet, stubby and full of lovin' -- Hector!

His head looks a bit like a Rotweiller to me. As for a name, how about Holling, or Maurice?

he looks like my old dog who was a lab/boxer mix. She was VERY short, with a blocky head. Best dog I ever had though. When she died, everyone in the neighborhood showed up for her "funeral". I to think he looks like a Duke or maybe a Max?

He looks like a Duke. Although I thought Vader was kind of cute anyway.

His blocky head looks exactly like one of my most favorite dogs I had a few years back. He was mixed with lab and boxer.

Welcome to the ranch, Vader! His head reminds me of a rotweiller, short legs maybe pitbull?

I'm kinda liking his name...he looks very Darth.....and I am not a Star Wars fan....

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