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November 01, 2005


You did all that you could do and if you hadn't tried, you would have always wondered, what if.... give yourself credit. You & Spinner give each other hugs, Tobias & I are sending more hugs because you did so much.

The news is sad.....hopefully cataract surgery will be possible.
The goods news is that Spinner will be loved and cared for no matter what!

That is heartbreaking news. I've been praying this trip would bring Spinner sight. I am still holding out hope that she could have sight in one eye! Even if she does not get the gift of sight, at least she has the everlasting love at the Ranch, which I'm sure is worth more than we can imagine.

Spinner-you are loved!

Steve you did give us good news...the news is that Spinner is safe, loved and you tried your best...that is all you can do. Spinner is one lucky girl.

Oh, that is disappointing. The effort has been great. These experiences add to the depth of our knowledge and understanding, and even perhaps, accepting Mother Nature's ways. Wish it had turned out different. Have a safe trip home.

Aw that is so sad. :( At the very least, you are giving your all for Spinner and our thoughts are with you guys to have a safe trip home!

. . . "But at least we tried. And that's all we can do." . . .
The above line is what separates Rolling Dog Ranch from the other rescues. Money pays for it all but the animals will get the care they need no matter what that particular month's donation amount is. That is why I am SO PROUD to be a volunteer for you & all that you both represent; here's hoping to get new donators.

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