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November 29, 2005


It amazes me that you can still remember to take photos when you have all the chores to do and deal with the cold weather. Being in t-shirt weather (most days) I really enjoy seeing the snow photos and the animals.
Many years ago I lived in Kentucky and tended to cattle before going to my regular job. I had to go out and chop a hole in the ice in the pond so they could get water and get them hay. The same routine when I got home from work at night. It was a record winter in Kentucky that year, with a blizzard (maybe one too many z's?) and the highways were even closed. They don't have the equipment to deal with major snowstorms there because they don't get them that often.
Just a heartfelt thanks for all that you two do!

Winter has indeed arrived in western Montana, much to the delight of my two labs. In the Ninemile Valley west of Missoula, we're enjoying a big fat snowstorm that had the dogs dancing in circles on their hind legs.

Have you made any decisions regarding Timmy?

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