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October 04, 2005


Hello to all of you.

I watch your internet program and newsletters so Ican keep up with the interesting happenings at the ranch. I hope you received the small donation whch I recently sent.

My computer was in the repair shop for a week or so so I have missed the latest adoptions. Hope to catch up as I print each one for my file. Each with all photos attached.

Bless you folks. You two are the one in a million type of person. The world can use more people with the kind of compassion which you possess..

Best regards.

Charles Lee Radliff (Lee)

Please give LENA a pat for me. Thanx.

You go girls! Today we had 55 degree weather and rain. PTL. Just last weekend it was 106 degrees for 3 days! My rescued cat, Kitty-Kitty, was all snug in her new bed under my porch. I used one of the big plastic tubs and laid it on the side with a couple of old pillows, she looked so cute and happy today. She's spayed so don't have to worry about that!

Yeah for Spay!! I sure wish everyone spayed and neutered.

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