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October 27, 2005


Is it possible that Buzz has geriatric vestibular disease? It generally occurs in older, large breed dogs and Buzz doesn't look that old, but his symptoms sound familiar. The wobbles, sometimes walking in circles and head tilt are symptoms of this. There is nothing that can be done for it and apparently most dogs recover quite well over time. (Our 14 year-old golden retriever had an "attack" a couple of months ago and is doing quite well.)

I'd like to offer the name Rounder for Buzz. What a beautiful boy he is!

I think Buzz should be renamed Sparky. I just think it's cute. I also liked the suggestion of Scout. That is a really sweet name.

i vote for Joe! hes a normal dog (or very close to) i think he should have a normal name./ you will probably treat him like your kid. and i think u need a kid named joe :)

Hi Steve,
I hope all goes great in San Diego tomorrow.
As for a new name for Buzz, maybe Rowdy, Rowly, or Fabio. It always takes me a long time to find just the right name for my companions. I'm sure you will have a lot of fine suggestions.
Enjoy the warm weather while you are in sunny California.

Whew, you will have a tough time to decide....but how about Scout? He is a wonderful looking dog. There is something extra special about golden retrievers...

Hey, I go for Sweep, darn cute name & sure fits that feathery tail -
What a sweet face -
Look forward to hugging this new kid on the block -

How about naming the handsome boy Baron....he looks so regal and like royalty!

I'm liking came up with that.

How about "Champ"? Sounds like he doesn't let anything get him down---he just keeps getting back up, dusting himself off, and taking off again, full of life.

He is striking! You have two really pretty additions, I think Ashley is precious.
I think Buzz needs a bit more of a sophisticated name, maybe: Nash, Hayden, Monroe, Flavio.

I think he looks like a Jack or Skipper

I was reading your post and I was telling my husband about the new dog. He looked at that fabulous tail and suggested the name Sweep for Buzz. That dog is truly beautiful as is his tail.
Keep up the great work you do, it is truly inspiring.

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