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August 12, 2005


I think you really did the right thing to give Kodiak more time. My oldest dog, Tanner, 14 year old Pom, takes prednisone every once in a while to boost his immune system. This could really work. It could be an old bruise, injury that just needs help to get the inflamation down. I hope the best, and glad you gave this beautiful dog another chance to restore his faith and loyalty in humans that the others let him down on so badly.

You write with such compassion, you give me sad/happy tears:
That humans would drop from their families these two beautiful animals -
That these dogs' will be able to be cared for & loved on this wonderful ranch makes your supporters so proud to know you -
Thank you,

I will keep Kodiak in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.

And Angel...what an angel she is. What a beautiful girl.

Jerry Black is an angel too. Proof there are kind souls in the world. After all that you see what humans do to animals, it is nice to know that good people like you, Alayne and Jerry are out there.

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