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August 27, 2005


My feels are the same as the other's...such a gentle giant. It's good to see him back on the porch.

It's hard to believe that he is still smiling so pretty and content when you look at that massive incision.

He must know how much he is loved.

Thanks so much to Jerry for safely transporting Kodiak back to the ranch. It's great to hear that he's drinking and eating. Love to Kodiak and all of the other great animals there.

Welcome Home Kodiak !

Thanks to Jerry for getting Kodiak back to the ranch. I'm glad he's drinking and eating heartily. That boy's been through a lot but he's in the best possible place. Love to Kodiak and all the animals at RDRAS.

The last line tells it all. Thank you for your love for him. Welcome back, Kodiak! Here is a bunch of ear scratches.

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