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January 15, 2014


James is talented and I'm the side kick! Steve and Alayne are our heroes! They work from sunrise to sunset! What they have accomplished in the rescue world is amazing!

Naughty goats for poopin' in the water fountain and bless your neighbor Jim D. Hasn't he been a God send and probably a pretty interesting guy to talk with if any or you ever had any "extra" time. It all looks great!

Interesting post. Even when giving a "nuts and bolts" view of what it's like managing the Farm you managed to get some good shots of the goats being goats.

I find these posts so educational and informative. Thanks for letting us know how things are done on the farm. You certainly have some very happy goats, too!

This has got to be the Taj Mahal of goat barns!

I love that you were able to implement an old-fashioned, non-powered ventilation system. I didn't realize goats were such picky eaters. Just another entertaining facet of their fascinating personalities... I've always found goats interesting (reading about them, never had any), so I'm pleased to read another chapter in the life of the goats at Rolling Dog Farm.

Another amazing post! I don't know how you can manage to do everything you have to do day to day and still have time to track down reading on things like this that need attending to. AMAZING! Here's to warmer, sunny days....

I enjoyed reading about your goat barn solution and how they and the their gaurd dogs are doing. It obviously is a lot of work running a farm/shelter. You all are inspiring.

I always enjoy your posts,Steve. You entertain and educate the masses in so many different topics. Truly good reading!

Fascinating and educational - - thank you!


Thanks for this post. I really enjoy learning about the farm and all that goes into running it. And I'm so jealous of Shirley and James!! Wish I had some talents to share so I could come visit.

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