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October 14, 2013


I've never seen an apple picker before. Didn't know they even existed. Thanks for posting. Our little apple tree gave us one apple this year, the first one ever. I think one of our dogs ate it.

And "caprine"... had to look it up. Now I know a new word. Thanks!

Thanks for this great post. I always enjoy reading about and seeing the goats and the Maremma dogs, who are gorgeous, by the way!

Knowing your generous spirit, I'm sure you shared a few apples with the masses :)

Of course now we want to see a video of you leading your caprine corps, crook in hand. :) It's great to see dogs living the life they were bred for. They look so happy.

I like your apple picker. Just yesterday we were attempting to harvest from a wild apple tree with a broomstick and a dipnet (tools at hand when we discovered the tree). The plan was to knock them off with the broomstick and catch them with the dipnet, but in practice this didn't work out so well. We got a few dozen apples, but we wished we had a real picker!

Have the dogs ever encountered predators and saved the goats?


That's SO fascinating! Thanks for sharing the pics and those dogs! Have a blessed week and enjoy the apples.

What a beautiful day, thanks for sharing. These dogs, the Maremmas, on RDF, are the 1st of this breed I had heard of. What a great guarding system. What a life...chauffeured around like rock stars! Love it.

It certainly looked like a beautiful day with your multi species family. Did you share any of your apples?

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