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September 11, 2013





SO nice to see your picture and know your story.

You are such a sweet girl and I am so happy that you found your way to RDF. Wishing you many more happy and healthy years.

Sweet Allie. I'd just like to share this haiku, written by a wonderful friend of mine named Jenny ~

Young dogs will love you
but the greatest devotion
is in old dogs' eyes.

(my note: and in their heart & soul, even if they're blind)

What a sweetheart she is! She has a great home and lots of love and attention. Thanks for the update!

It's too bad about this prejudice against older dogs. Ten is not old at all. All the dogs I've had have lived to 16 or 17. In fact I prefer older dogs. But Allie seems perfectly content to stay where she is. She looks like a real sweetheart.

Ten years old is not too old to be adopted! We have had 2 dogs live to be 18+; 2 dogs, 16+; 2 to 13, plus others to less old. Three were one-dog-at-a-time and the others were two dogs overlaping in our house. The 3 single dogs we got when they were puppies. The other dogs have ranged in age from about 2 years old to 7 years old. Older dogs may require a somewhat longer adjustment to their new family but, at least for us, we just kept working on our bonding. The 7-year old I took to 3 obediance classes (for bonding) plus the class for getting his AKC Canine Good Citizen Diploma. I took him to all those classes for bonding, not because he is not bright. He is actually one of the smarter dogs we have had.

Such a sweetheart. She has everything she needs. Touching post.

I've seen pretty Allie on the adoption list for a long time, and I only wish I could bring her home. But I have a female dog, and I know Allie prefers the company of gents. I love senior animals, and I'd like to let everyone know they're tops, so don't hesitate to choose an old(er) pet.

Thats so interesting that she can decipher between male and female dogs, just goes to show their disabilities don't always disable them!

Oh it's wonderful to see Allie. What a shame she lost her family but how lucky she has gotten to live her life with you two. I'm not sure if it was Allie or Evelyn that first brought me to Rolling Dog. I saw an article on a website about a blind black lab who immediately grabbed the closest tennis ball whenever she heard a vehicle turn on your driveway back in Montana in hope that it meant a game of fetch. After reading the article I strolled over to your blog and well, here I am still. Thank you for the update.

Its amazing what you do for these animals. I came upon your blog by chance and i am glad i did. I have already spread the word abt the shelter challenge and will continue to follow, donate, contribute to your effort as my situation permits. As a very new and amatuer dog owner i hope one day i am blessed enough to be able to adopt a dog from you.

Allie, you're not too old for anything. Agism is such a bad deal.

It was nice to see an unfamiliar face today. She looks like a very sweet older lady. And if she's happy lying around in the sun and playing with her tennis ball or kong toy, then what more could a girl want? She's got friends of her choosing, good meals and lots of love. We should all be so lucky.

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