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August 13, 2013


I love goats!! I was always hoping to get some, but it has never worked out. I love watching your group in their new surroundings. What fun! Hope to see more posts with your goats. ;-)

we've got horses to help chew down the grass, but I think it's time for some goats to keep back the berries. These look like so much fun.

Love this blog cute.

My goodness, they are enjoying their smorgasbord! I've always been intrigued by goats. From what I've heard, they are fascinating personalities, always climbing on top of things, always entertaining. Thank you for sharing the video, it made me smile.

It's like there is so much they don't know where to grab a bite first!

LOVE IT!!!!!

Steve, have you thought of hiding peas in the goat patch? See if they're as picky as Gabe?

Beautiful goats! We have a few goats close to where we live and I see them while running and when walking the dogs, but they don't look anything like these goats. (But they're cute just the same.) They really do have a goat heaven there at the farm. Thanks so much for the video!

Thanks for the video! They look so happy.

Talk about some happy goats! LOL My son works on an organica farm and they have milk goats. They rotate them to different pastures to knock down the weeds and such also.

Look at those stripey faces. Are they a particular type of Alpine dairy goat? I'm glad you keep the whole family together.

At the Belmont Habitat in MA, where I lead bird walks, they've been using goats for several years now to keep the meadows "cut" and to hold back the invasives. Everyone wants to see the goats.

What a cute video. Isn't it funny how people who love animals can be happy just sitting and watching goats eat! ha ha I've never seen that coloring on some of the goats before, where the back half is black and the front half white with a zebra head. Really different. They sure have a lot of greens to eat thanks to all the rain. They'll be busy for a while. And it's nice they all get to stay together. I'm sure they're happier that way. Nice post.

what a fun video..thanks so much for sharing. Happy, happy goats!

What a sweet video of goats enjoying life at Rolling Dog Farm!

Wow, they're so excited! That's a great video, thanks for sharing. I love the goats with the striped faces!

Heaven on Earth for them! Their own Garden of Eden - so fun to watch them -- they are beautiful goats.

I love all things RDF!! Such a fun little video this afternoon.

Sounds like fun for the goats.

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