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March 04, 2013


Over the past 5 years my dog has an eye that has gone the same progression as Scamp - cataract (and cataract surgery), detached retina and then glaucoma. He just had it removed 3 weeks ago and, I believe, is feeling much better with the darned thing gone. Thank you for posting about your medical experiences. That bit of prior knowledge helped me make my decision about eye removal much easier. I think my opthalmologist was taken aback at how I seemed prepared when he recommended eye removal. His advice came on the very same day where you posted pictures of Louie's bilateral enucleation. I loved your title of that post "I'll Feel Better." I took that to heart when I made my decision and... you were right!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I'm keeping Scamp in my thoughts and prayers today...

Alayne & Steve: thank you so much, once again, for taking such great care of your furkids!

A huge hug to you all from Italy.

Great news on winning $1000! That can help so many of the animals. What a great post to start the week.

That's good news for Scamp! I'm sure he'll be happy to be able to see again, and will soon learn to adjust to his far-sightedness. Wilbur can give him some tips.

We vote twice. My husband from my smartphone and me from the laptop. We love your dedication to the animals, and love the blogs. Remember too, you can donate through United Way via your employer ;)

Alayne and Steve - once again I am so amazed how you even have time to add in giving another dog medicine twice a day! I just had both my dog and cat on various meds for several weeks and it took a lot of my time (first catching the cat of course). You two are really just awesome,and those are the luckiest doggies on the planet! :) Yea for Scamp!

So wonderfully thrilled for Scamp!!! Looking forward to great things for him (no pun intended).

I've learned so much from reading your blogs about dog vision issues and really appreciate it. THANKS!

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