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December 04, 2012


I just want to scoop Madison up and cuddle with her all day long! It's amazing what our dogs find comfortable. I call my Angel a contortionist because she ends up in some wild sleeping positions that when I look at her I just grimace, but there she is, sound asleep and content. Maybe Angel and Madison can start a Yoga for dogs program together! :)

That certainly is one I haven't seen before. Very original, good work Madison! I've noticed that a dog's idea of comfort does not always coincide with a human's. My dog likes to lie on lumps. He'll drape himself over ankles and knees. Give him a nicely smoothed out blanket, and he'll scratch it up into a bunch of lumps and plop down on it. My guess is that it reminds him of when he was a puppy and slept in a pile of all his littermates. Yes, I think Madison is stretching her back with a bit of yoga.

Darned ol' nap attacks!

Oh Maddie! Big hugs! You've given me a big smile.

What do you mean? That's the best example of the downward dog yoga pose I've ever seen!

I think she must be seriously tired to find that comfortable.

I love a day started with a giggle...thanks Madison!

"Rolling Dog Farm would like to introduce the new Animal Yoga Class. Here the new instructor, Madison, is demonstrating the "downward facing dog" posture. Remember kids, yoga can be very relaxing, also demonstrated by Madison who has relaxed herself to sleep. Classes will resume upon her awakening. Sign up today."

Madison for reasnons known only to herself loves this basket bed and nothing is going to deter her from taking a nap in her favorite spot.

Oh SWEET, SWEET Madison!!

Very cute! Sweet sweet Madison! I always want to "adjust" my dogs when they sleep like that...thinking that they need to be more comfortable. But apparently they are just fine. :-)

Does she have some form of narcolepsy? Arthritis and stiffness when she gets up? It just looks so...uncomfortable. But I'm just a biped.

Madison falls asleep during her private yoga sessions, and this photo proves it! I've never seen a more downward-facing dog in my life. :)

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