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November 28, 2012


I have three dachsie babies, I refer to there cuddling behavior as a dachshund nest. Welcome new comers. Your life will be awesome from here on out.

I want to be right in the middle of that trio! :)

Hummmm....checked it out in Vegas. The word there, 4 to 1 the neubie is a Doxie. We'll see! meanwhile welcome to ?????

What a cute picture! It's so nice to see contentment like that.

Can't wait to hear about the other new arrival!

Since you introduced a new beagle, I knew there had to be a new dachshund waiting in the wings, just to keep the numbers even. :) Do you think those three are trying to spell something out with their bodies? That's quite an interesting tableau.

Beautifully color coordinated.

Our big dogs and cats do the same in front of the fireplace. LOVE!

So how many Dachs? and how many Beagles? Who rules the roost? I'm thinking its the dachs no matter if they are out numbered!!!

Very Cute...what is it with dachshunds and circles? My doxie loves to place all her toys and pine cones in circles...

I'm with Mary; ... quit the teasing and get on with the introductions so we can "Ooo" and "Ah" over them.

Mary's right! You are teasing us. I've never seen this side to you Steve Smith! :)

Stop teasing and let's see the new kids!

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