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May 09, 2012


Such a look of adoration Max is giving Alayne! Could he be any cuter?

This made me chuckle! This happens to Frankie too with her blanket. But I think it's just their way of reminding us they really are super heroes and can truly fly. ;)

Coming to theaters soon: Mad Max, the Caped Coned Avenger!

This picture gave me a good chuckle. Love Mad Max!

Max manages to look adorable while looking up adoringly at the Leader!;-)

So happy to hear that his eyes look perfectly healthy!

What's this? Is it a bird? a plane? It's the newest superhero, Cone-Hund the Barbarian! The cape is a great look for Max. I'm sure he earned some treats with that adoring gaze.

3 thoughts:
Max- You are SO adorable! Glad you are healing.
Steve- NON-minion??? sure... :)
All- Please Vote! Others awfully close in the heels.

I must admit, I'm mad for Max!

Re: cone length, if the cone is used to keep the dog mouth away from, say a back foot, the cone needs to be longer because the foot could still reach the mouth. In this case a short cone sufficed, I believe, because it was still long enough to keep front paws away from rubbing the newly operated on eyes. Different situations need different lengths, depending on what body part you are trying to protect from some other body part getting to it.
AND...Max had 'The Leader' all to himself it seems! What a special treat for him!! I hope minion leader slipped him a little treat for his adoration.

Minions rule! Great photo!

I want to ask about this cone because it seems nicer (read more accommodating) than most cones. First it's transparent which would allow more peripheral vision than the translucent ones. And it's not as long as the others making it easier to maneuver in. The question is: why would a longer cone be used if a shorter one can be?

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