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March 13, 2012


What a sweetheart! Thanks for the big smile :)

What a smile those pictures brought to my face today..I just love Spinner! She's such a lady to try to share her bed with Willie and not kick him off..I guess she has plenty of experience with the stubborn Beagle Brigade :)

She's so polite! One little push and she'd have it all to herself. :) Well, maybe. Willie looks pretty solidly rooted in there. Glad all is well with the eye patients. They'll be so much happier now.

Thanks for the chuckles. Those two are too cute and I'm sure they will work something out. And so happy to hear about the surgery updates...what a blessing! Thanks for all you guys do.

Poor Spinner! Those positions don't look comfortable at all! :) "He just don't get no respect"! Glad to hear that Mitch and Wilbur came thru their surgeries with flying colors.
Smooches to the pooches and big hugs to those they "own"!! :) :)

Oh Spinner ... I like your style!

Poor Spinner - I hope these 2 can come up with a good snuggle arrangement for sharing the cot.

These photos are great! So glad to hear the boys are doing well and coming home!!!

Glad to hear the kids are doing good after their surgery. I love reading your posts. I get very excited when I see one in my email. But I got to tell you, I applaud you for what you endure to take care of the kids. I live in NEK of VT and it takes me 2hrs to get to Burlington, VT. I know where Lancaster NH is (I go through there to get to Gorham). It's got to take you at least 3 hrs to get there. To go back and forth as often as you do.... I can appreciate what you go through. You guys are truly amazing.

That is so funny---I laughed out loud big time. James said that is called "stubborn!"

Glad Wilbur and Mitch are doing well.

Now this is what we love to see and read. Some very funny photos and great news on the two eye surgeries. I am so glad. This all makes me so happy. I know that you all must be so relieved by the good news.

Willie is so adorable but how wonderful it is to see Spinner!!!!

Spinner and Willie - so cute.
Great good news about Mitch and Wilbur.
Love and Hugs to all.

Adorable pictures!

And thank you for the surgery updates...wonderful news! We have been praying!

Oh sweet Spinner, beagles don't budge until they want to!

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