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December 22, 2011


EVER!!! :)

Shirley, I'm sure your tree looks wonderful, ornaments or not! :)

My daughter sent me a picture of her tree with her cat just sitting there staring. I asked her how long after that picture was taken did Cora get the ornaments and she said about 2 minutes later lol!

Thank you for giving Mink a wonderful home!


Merry Christmas, Mink and Shirley! - he fits perfectly in that comfy-looking spot.

Ann--Having three kitty kats inside we have an ornament free tree whether we like it or not!

He's a Christmas Kitty! Both of my shi tzu's always slept under the tree. I always thought of them as my Christmas puppies. Even tho they are gone, I still think of them that way. Happy Merry!

This is the best, and only way, to enjoy a precious fur under the Christmas tree. What a handsome boy Mink is, and a very lucky boy too. Have a great Christmas Shirley, James, Alayne & Steve. Many warm, furry, happy wishes from our Florida home to your homes.

All of the photos from the last several blog posts have been wonderful. They will make anyone smile. I wish for all of you at Rolling Dog Farm to have a great Christmas. And you will, surrounded by all those sweet animals. God bless you for what you do.

How sweet it is to see Mink again!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

What a sweet picture of Mink. Hopefully he didn't go after the ornaments after it was taken :)

These types of post bring happy tears. I love when people share their photos of their new family member with the rest of us. Merry Christmas, RDF!

Mink looks like he is thoroughly enjoying the season!

Merry Christmas to all at the ranch!

So glad that the money is coming in with the Firefox Challenge! You guys certainly deserve it!! Happy for Mink and his new family too!

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