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August 23, 2011


I know this is off-topic, but I send my best wishes to all of you at RDF. Hurricane Irene appears to be able to tear her way up the seaboard and hurl nasty weather inland toward New Hampshire as well as the northeast coast. You folks are in my prayers.

I'd love to join them. Looks so relaxing! Lucky dogs. :)

Ahhh... soaking up some vitamin D. Little darlin's!

What a great photo. It could only be cuter if they were closer together or if there were more dogs in the group. It would be interesting to know if they and the horses were affected by the earthquake. (or if you guys even felt it where you are) Some of the dogs around here were and some didn't care at all. The police on horseback in Philly said the horses knew something was up about 5 minutes prior to the quake. So far this month in south Jersey we've had record breaking amounts of rain, an earthquake this week and now the hurricane this weekend. Huh. I heard that if that all doesn't do us in we can expect locusts next week! ha ha

What a pretty scene of peace and serenity. They look so content. I get quite a growl if I try to pet my dog right after he lies down after supper. That's the only time -after that he's OK - so yep I wised up!

They just have to learn to relax!!:) Don't you two wish you had the time to join them? Cute! Cute! Cute!

:) :) :)

The peace of a beautiful day, decorated by some beautiful little dogs.

"It looked for a moment as if someone had randomly air-dropped some dogs onto the grounds and they landed in a row...."

That's exactly the comparison we make when our 5 dogs are scattered in such a manner. "The dog bomber just flew over," is what one of us will comment. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "carpet bombing!"

What a peaceful , soothing shot!
Now...where's that hammock?

All's right with the world! :-)

Wow! That little group is the very definition of a life of ease. Such peace, such relaxation. Steve, you and Alayne give them (and the other creatures great and small at RDF) that. How truly gratifying that must be!!xxx000xxx

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