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March 22, 2011


It won't be long now!!

I am looking forward to the first pictures of the horses enjoying their spring pastures.

Blind....deaf......and now sun-warmed!

I bet the sun feels nice on the fur. The others dont know what they are missing. Willie, especially with his dark coat, probably makes a real good solar collector. I laughed at the mental image of you scraping all the others off the doors and telling them "go out and play, it really is Spring now, go on, out you go, it is GOOD for you..."

Too cute!

What a tough life LOL! Willie, Spencer and Katie "braved the elements" and are no longer weather wusses! Pure contentment there for all of them :)

I am surprised you have not taken a snow blade to the snow around that house. I shovel the backyard area for mine whenever it snows..gotta have a place to go to "work".

Kate and Spencer look like a dachshund Push Me-Pull You. I like the way Kate
seems to be using the other dogs as a windbreak. Willie looks content. Thanks to both photographer and writer for this nice post.

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