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January 14, 2010


Great to see Gabe doing so well. He was a great patient and I hope I can visit soon.

Great little story and picture of Gabe on the Facebook page for The Animal Rescue Site.

What a wonderful update! I just adore Callie & love the silly pose. Gabe you are just beautiful no matter how many hairs & I'm glad to hear they are growing back. Thanks again for the update. I think about these 2 quite often. Hope Helen is doing well.

It's awesome to see these 2 little cuties doing so great after radiation therapy! Good for them!

Shirley, I'm so sorry about your Border Collie. Nasal cancer is supposedly not common, but online I've found that there are plenty of dogs affected.

My Chi was just diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal adenocarcinoma, and I have a consultation with the radiologist tomorrow. They said they would shrink it first, then scoop out what's left later. Can anyone please give me anymore details on Gabe's successful protocol? I hope he and Callie both live many more happy, healthy years! And hopefully, my little guy will be just as lucky.

WOO HOO!!! Way to bounce back woofies!

It's good to see them. They look great!

My dog, Jenny, had radiation (on her armpit/chest area) last year. Her last treatment was 16 months ago. The skin healed nicely, but she still has a bald spot in the middle that will not grow back. The rest of the fur around it came in nice and soft (and white), but it did take several months.

Like you, we cheered when we saw the first signs of whispy fur!

Hange in there, Gabe! You are handsome no matter what, and that fur just needs time to decide what it wants to do...

I am so glad to hear they are doing well! Wish I could reach through the computer screen and give them both a belly rub.

Sweet Callie and Gabe. They are the best! No doubt they are sharing the same thoughts: "How wonderful it is to be at Rolling Dog Ranch and be so well taken care of....and this cot is just so comfy....but can you move over just a little tiny bit, please?"

I can see the hairs growing back now Gabe....didn't think it was possible for you to become even more handsome.

So glad you and Callie have each other to share treatment stories with. I'm sure that makes things easier for both of you.

Wonderful to hear and see how well you both are doing.

Glad to know they're both doing so well!

Thanks a lot, Steve, for this great update (and picture of) on Gabe & Callie!

Please give them a huge hug for me.:-)

Looks like Callie was calling roll at a meeting of RDR's Cancer Survivors Club ("Hey, where's everybody else?"). Gabe looks *worlds* better than the last time we saw him. Callie, of course, is a little doll as always.

Thank you for the update. I love that little Callie! And Gabe too...

Thanks for doing a blog on these two; I've been wondering about both of them since their cancer treatment. They both look great and I hope they are both around a long, long time.

Thanks for the update on these two good looking doggies! Yeah RDR!!

Yeah for them! How is Helen doing? Hopefully she is on the sweet side of life again. Thanks & give Gabe a special pat for me! I lost my Border Collie X in May to nasal cancer. It was heart wrenching & I'm so tahnkful for the 5 yrs. I had him.

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