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January 12, 2010


Thanks for updates on the kitties, they are my favorites!

I would be scritching all those ears!!!

I love when they cuddle together like that & so glad to get some kitty updates! Great pic!!! I just want to reach through the computer & give Herbie some kitty rubs...he looks so soft! He's the same color as my baby, Erin!

Wow, Molly is a limber kitty - looks like a Yoga pose - called the "snake" maybe? These 3 little cuddlers look happy.

Love the cat photos!!
More sardines please!

The sardine sleeping arrangement reminds me of a quilt pattern called Let Sleeping Cats Lie by Helene Knott in which each panel contains 4 cats entwined.

It's good to see life imitate art.

I often find at least two of my cats meshed together when the house is cool.


Off Topic but a New Zealand vet and filmmaker is making a movie that includes a 3 legged dog. Why would he need to look any further than RDR?

Herbie figures why join the mosh pit when he can have his own personal person for warmth...and, of course, some skritches.

That 3 cat composition would make a great painting!
New shelter challenge starts January 18th!


Ah, cute! All of them, glad to see a kitty post. I would love to come & give Herbie lots of attention!

What a great shot!! And man.... if I didn't already have four indoor cats and I lived closer to MT, I think Herbie would be coming home with me. He's awesome!

Was the heater near's been cold at RDR to say the least. Kitties snuggle so well together.

Love these picures. Wish I could jump in the "cat pile" with them and take a nap :)


It is great to see the cat pics. I assume that there are mostly dogs at RD Ranch. It has been awhile since there was a blog about kitties. How many cats reside at your place? I counted 9 on the list.
Thanks for the pic. The composition was great.

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