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January 08, 2010


Well Spinner, you can't blame a gal for trying! But, I vote for a bigger basket for you! I know you big dogs like to get into smaller spaces but it's no wonder you haven't tried this again! You do not look as comfy as the little doggies look.

".....The look on her face is: "Hmmm... I thought this would be bigger... the Dachsunds said it was quite roomy."....."

Diana Kitchen - LOL!!! Tea came out my nose from laughing so hard!!! Put me in mind of the three blind men who were asked to describe and elephant, all touching different parts of the animal...

I, too, wonder how Spinner knew what the short, long dogs were doing! Perhaps she smelled them, followed her nose, sniffed around them in the basket? It absolutely boggles my mind how these blind animals adapt so well and know so much..... one of the beautiful mysteries of life......

Hey Steve and Alayne, do any of the house dogs sleep in bed with you? I can't imagine any short, long dog worth his/her salt would not crave nights in "the big bed".... all of our doxies slept/sleep with us and.... of course....... they choose to sleep crosswise in the middle up on their own pillows.

Either Bob or I, whoever is blessed that night, gets the face-end. The unlucky one gets the butt-end. Luckily Roxie's GI systmem is in good working order... LOL

Bless you for all you do for these precious babies...

Hilarious!! Maybe she needs a larger basket you guys!

She just needs a bigger basket. ;)

Whatta girl! Ms. Spinner continues to amaze me!

I've been amazed at what my younger pup learns from the elder, but attribute that so sights & sounds as well as nose communication. Very interesting how she chose or learned this! But that doggie comfort thing is SO universal, :)

That almost looks like torture! Are you sure you & Alayne didn't stuff her in there just for the sake of the photo? Right, like I'd expect either of you to even think to do that! Well, you can't blame a gal for at least trying it out once. Now that she knows what that's all about, she knows she's got a much better thing going.
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlinget

ooh, how cute is she????!!!! Everyone loves nice warm blankies straight from the dryer. Even us 2-legged animals!

HA - what a funny girl - Spinner is beautiful. I bought a snuggie - am doing without my electric blanket. My female dog, Diamond, has discovered it. It's really soft and now has "eau du pup" on it. Of course I do not mind.

omg that seriously just made my day...she looks like shes saying..see look big dogs can do this too

How do you think Spinner knew others were doing this? Why did everyone all of sudden start doing this? Why would they even do it with all the beds available?
I'm obviously overthinking this, but dang! what's up???

Clothes that smell like Mom and Dad are always better then a bed that smells like the dog next door.

Spinner is one of my favorite RDR residents, so I'm always glad to see a picture and read how she's doing. The look on her face is: "Hmmm... I thought this would be bigger... the Dachsunds said it was quite roomy."

Please give Miss Spinner a big belly rub from her fans in Nevada!

Another dog "copy-cat" chihuahua mix has always burrowed under covers to sleep. Lately, my 55lb. shep mix has decided after 8 years that she needs to burrow as well....she will actually stand beside the bed and whine until I lift up the covers for her to crawl under.

Spinner , My Favorite Star !

BTW: "The next Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge - together with begins on January 18th, 2010."

New Year , New Opportunities

My daughter's boston terrorist does the same thing....and he actually prefers them filled with dirty clothes....guess they smell good to him! LOL, Spinner just needs a bigger basket!

Oh this is hilarious! Someone always has somehting better...

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