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September 23, 2009


Nice post thanks for sharing it.I am also agree with Debbied the picture of little Teddy.


I love it. "Dachshunds flying low" - do they ever fly any other way? =)

Bailey to Red Team, bogey at 12 o'clock! Cover me Ollie, I'm going in!

Yes please a picture of little Teddy....Everyday now I am hoping to see more photos of that little guy who stole my heart.
As for the doxies I really think they are up to something! ;)
Sending hugs to Teddy from Florida!

These little smidgens look very content - made me want to be there sunbathing. And I can't wait to see a plumper version of li'l Teddy when it's time. Go RDR! (I know I say that a lot but I really mean it!) RDR ROCKS! (that too) :)

More like wild Dachshunds of the Serengetti, lying in ambush for an unsuspecting snack, ( like a piece of porter house steak would do) to come along. :)

Yes, a photos of fat Teddy would be nice. :)

Perfect writing for this doxie adorable!!!

We're so glad Teddy is better; eating well and...has an attitude? Oh, we do look forward to seeing and hearing more about THAT! ; )

Go Teddy!!!

I love your humorous take on situations, Steve. And so glad to hear that Teddy is improving. He's in my thoughts along with Gabe and Helen.! How about a picture of little Teddy since he has gained some weight?

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