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August 06, 2009


Jack hanna is really the wild expert. I have seen him in so many movies. Callie is looking beautiful in the picture.

I'm thrilled for the exposure this will give you!
When I had a TV, I loved watching Jack; what a great experience in itself!
Hopefully I can catch the show online. Do keep us posted on when the show airs.

Congrats! Can't wait to see the show!

Congrats Guys, 1/2 hour special is a huge deal! Love TV people who know a great story when they see it...

Michele Troxel
TV Person!

What widespread coverage for the ranch!!! Any possibility of the show being aired in Canada? (maybe Youtube?!)

That is fabulous! What great exposure for the Ranch. I have watched Jack Hanna since I was a little kid! He was always a favorite and I'm thrilled to hear he will be doing a whole show on RDR!

I'm so excited to see this show on TV featuring the RDR! I'll be sure to record it so I can watch it again and again. It will feel like I am at the ranch!
Congrats. This is so exciting!

That's fantastic news! I'm so glad they decided to change the bit about the RDR from just a few minutes into an entire show! Too bad I don't have TV. I'd love to see the feature! I hope it brings LOTS more supporters for the RDR.
Big hugs all around,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

This is just such exciting news. Jack Hanna is such a wonderful voice for animals. I'm just thrilled he and his wife will now be forever in love with Rolling Dog Ranch.
Has Callie lost some weight (not that she needed to) or is it just a flattering camera angle? She hasn't had an easy go of things lately so I would guess she probably has. It makes my day to see her photo.

Well, all I can say is there better be a fresh marrow bone at Callie's feet at ALL times, now, and no more making that poor girl get up and walk outside for her last pee of the night.........carry her !!!!!!!!!! :)

Oh, this is all so exciting !!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! May the exposure turn into more donations for your charges. :)

This is SO FANTASTIC! Wow, how wonderful!! I can't wait till you send the link for the show. And what a perfect picture of Callie... just what a doxie does... the perfect pose. What a ham!
Frankie and I are so thrilled Jack and his wife visited your ranch and will bring such positive attention to animals with disabilities.
We are so proud to know all of you!!

Barbara & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog

OMG, I'm thrilled & excited beyond words. This is the most awesome news for RDR. This exposure will definitely help RDR more than I bet you & all your supporters can even imagine right now. Oh, I just can't stand how excited I am about this news. More support is what you need & this is going to be the avenue to help get there. What a blessing they recognized the wonderful work you all are doing & how they need to shine a spotlight on RDR.

I love Jack Hannah. Every time I see him on any talk shows, Ellen, Jay Leno (when he was on) I make sure to tune in to see what cool animals he has brought.

I can't wait to see the show!

How could anyone not fall in love with the mega star Callie? Yup, the residents are gonna be looking to sign with agents soon.

That is SO cool! That will hopefully bring in a lot of donations for your ranch! Keep up the great work!

Much deserved recognition and publicity! How cool that Jack recognized your story was important enough to devote a whole show to you! And how perceptive of him to comment about love being your salary. Nevertheless, money helps and I hope this triggers lots of donations rolling in. Maybe then you guys can again hire someone to help you out. You are amazing with your tireless work, 24/7/365, but I worry about you.

Leave it to Miss Callie to steal the show! I wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Hanna didn't try to adopt her on the spot!

That is just awesome....

And the Academy Award, in the category of Extreme Cuteness....goes to.... CALLIE!!! (clap clap clap.... more applause!)

Congrats to everyone at RDR!!!

I love Jack Hanna's vitality and his shows are always so fun. And now what fun to meet his beautiful wife with Ms. Poseur cover-girl Callie! I can't wait to see the RDR show. It will be a special one.

OOOOOoooo Aaaaaahh,,I am sure the dachshunds will want their very own star on the Walk of Fame!

Congratulations RDR, you deserve it. Please put it on You Tube, I don't have access to TV ;)

Oh my goodness, that is wonderful! What great exposure for the ranch & what a nice article. Hopefully other papers in the state will pick this up too. I am thrilled you guys got to meet Mr. Hanna, loved his appearances on the Johnny Carson show way back when :)

Yay-- what a great way to show the critters off!! That Callie she is a ham!!Gotta love her.

Congrats RDR!!! I sincerely hope this paves the way for more support. What is done there in Ovando is important and it is wonderful that you are getting the exposure. Kind of makes up for a little of all the poop scooping. Well Deserved

Wonderful News!!!RDR deserves the exposure!!! I agree with Lynn, the hits will "keep on coming" You are so deserving of all accolades that come your way.

YEA! Did you get their autographs?

All I have to say is...

OMG!!!! This is so wonderful. I got a feeling your life has just taken a bit of a turn in the road. And just think, we knew you when!!!
Congratulations! Can you imagine the hits your website will get after this airs????
I hope you two get rich and famous and open a satelite ranch down here!!
I'm so excited!!!!!

Wow how great is that for more national exporse for the great ranch you guys have..

Callie! You are a STAR!

I'm so excited for you! That is GREAT news! Who could not fall in love with RDR?

How thrilling is that! I think Callie has her own visions of an Emmy on her mantel, too. She's not a dachshund, but pure camera hound. Really looking forward to the show!

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