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March 29, 2009


"Yay! Woo-hoo, the crowd cheers & claps, ^5's all around!"

What an awesome picture & Travis is an awesome dog! I love how he seemed to know he was being photographed for the next blog. I just know he is so fun to watch.

Keep going Travis!!!

Travis needs a red cape when he does that. ;)

This rates as one of my very fave blog pictures. Thanks so much for making my day Steve & Travis.

Thanks for sharing such pure infectious JOY!
ps: And Trav's got clearance to spare. But you knew that already...

Great photo. I can't stop smiling.

Was it last winter that Travis "escaped" and you found him at the end of your road ??? He's seems like a wild one but I bet he brings a lot of fun around the ranch! I have saved a video of him where he puff/barks. Too cute!

Travis has set up his own agility course...just needs some help setting up hoops and mayb a about a a teeter-totter...hmmm...sounds like a summer project to me!

What a beautiful sight!

Travis is one of my favorites so I love seeing him in whatever he does but THIS is a real treat!

I have been infatuated with sweet Travis from the very first day....can't wait to see how (if?) you have figured out a way to confine him during the snow.

Now that is a great action shot of Travis performing for, "the audience at home." How wonderful that he loves to do that! Yeehaw!
Warm hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

By the way........where is his stomach tube? Or doesn't he have one? Ev

What a blast!!

Yup, that's the Travis I love. What he lacks in masticulation, he makes up for in agility! And the reason he looks like he's "flying" over the fences is that he IS; its just that his li'l Angel Wings are invisible. Love you, Travee. Leap for Joy!

What a joy to see Travis move. Go, Boy, Go.

That is an amazing, beautiful photo! And Travis' ears look like they are up for once rather than straight back. He's a lovely dog.

What an awesome action shot. "I do it 'cause I can."

(holding up a "10.0" sign) :-)

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