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July 29, 2008


I love it. There is a beagle Howard, that lives next door to us & Erin, my 17lb cat & he are pretty good friends through the fence. When they first met Howard would bark, paw the fence & breath very heavy trying to get to Erin. Erin would just sit at the fence & not move except to turn & look at me every once in a while as if to say, what is this guy so excited about? Now, that Howard is used to Erin being out there he will come to the fence & he still breathes pretty heavy but there is no more barking or pawing. There will never be a day that we voluntarily bring these 2 together because I don't want to envision what might happen but for now each side is pretty happy with the fence between them. (The fence is a 6ft wooden fence so they just peek at each other) If you ever do the helmet idea please, please share photos because just the vision I got in my mind made me laugh so hard.

Goodness that Callie is cute - pleasingly plump is what I call her. How great there is "kittie TV" to keep everyone entertained!

If she likes cats so much and you have one cat who likes dogs why not try them out with a play date. If it works out, great enrichment for both of them. Is there such a thing as doggy goggles (doggles?) to protect the eyes?

Callie sounds like my dog; very interested in being friends with the cats but the cats chase the dog away. Could be the same scenario if Callie were to be inside the cat pen but we won't know for sure without the helmet and visor.
Until then....just keep amusing the cats, Callie. : )

Football helmet and visor--that is a blog I can't wait to see!

Yay, Kitty-cats! A handsome beagle! And an adorable, rather round Doxie bottom! What a great photo. And the though of Miss Plumpette with a football helmet & visor on her head really got me giggling. Thanks, Steve!

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