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July 21, 2008


It just doesn't get any better than this. Another match made in heaven with many guardian angels along the way. Buddy/Susan, you are SO lucky. Enjoy each day!

Please thank Buddy for his wonderful story. I hope I can absorb some of his happy nature. His story is the most happy thing I have been exposed to for days.

I love his ears, they look so soft!

Yay! Success stories like Buddy's are my favorite thing!

What a great Buddy!Precious, Precious!!!!!I love your story!Yep, it's my favorite thing!

It was so great to receive an update on Buddy; he's looking very healthy and handsome!
Thank you for taking wonderful care of him, Susan. Sounds like he's taking good care of you too. : )

Buddy is another great success story, thanks to Susan & her loving care & adoption of him. It's great to see an updated photo of him!
Big hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

What a beautiful dog and what a delightful joke! And the greatest watchdog in the world, yay!

Buddy does look in perfect shape, doesn't he? Well done, Susan!:-)

I wish Susan & Buddy many more joyful years together.

Ah! I have tears of happiness in my eyes for Buddy :O) He is such a handsome guy and deserves the lovely life he is living!

Susan. Buddy looks great!! Looking at his picture you wouldn't know he was blind!! Continuing enjoying him!

What a great story - thanks for sharing!

One happy story after a next on the blog...keeping them coming! Yeah Buddy and Susan!!!

Another great news story!! So glad to hear this precious handsome boy is loving life in his new home.

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