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March 30, 2008


All creatures great and small...thank you for doing God's work. Mr. Creighton has found the rainbow's end at RDR.

You've written Creighton's journey well...keep us posted on his progress! I am sure he'll fit right in and will be happy and healthy in no time!

What a heartwarming story....I am so pleased you took Creighton there any kind of transplant they can do with dogs??You people are truly angels that walk this earth...bless you

Again, the two of you amaze me with your tremendous love for animals. Creighton is so very lucky to be with you. Thank you for all that you do!

Just got back in town after being in Pittsburgh for a week, what a wonderful surprise to see Creighton. He is such a handsome boy. One of my aunts gave me $50.00 when I left Pitsburgh- it's on the way to you for Creighton. Hope it helps!! I'll bet he gives great kisses!!

What a cute pup! The low ocular pressures, sounds like uveitis - maybe infectious? Good luck at the vet!

What a wonderful addition to your muttley crew! Just seeing those pictures make my eyes smart. Soon he will be fixed up and romping with the others. Hurray for Creighton!

All I can say is thank God for RDR! I can't believe that anyone could have seen how painful his eyes look and not gotten him care sooner. Poor little guy! Thank goodness he'll have a happily ever after ending at RDR with you where he'll get the proper care and lots of love! Welcome you little sweetie and I look forward to hearing that you're feeling better soon!

Welcome beautiful Creighton - and thank you Steve and Alayne for taking in this boy - he's in the right place for sure! You guys rock!

PS - watch out for mean doxies Creighton :>

What an absolute doll! I had tears rolling down my face and a huge lump in my throat reading his story. What a sweetheart.

There's a special place in heaven for you folks - and for Creighton!

I can't look at him, his eyes look so painful. Please show him with new happy eyes!


Wow, talk about degrees of separation: daughter & boyfriend to mother, to the vet, to Lindsey, to Debbie, to RDR.

OMG, he's gorgeous. What a precious baby he is. I"m so glad he's safe now and he'll get the help he deserves. His eyes look so painful. No baby should have to suffer like that.

Dear Alayne & Steve, I've just come back from a short trip to north-eastern Italy, so I may be a little late in wishing sweet Creighton a very warm welcome to the RDR!

His eyes do look very painful, don't they?:-( But I'm sure you and your wonderful vets will make him feel much better as soon as possible.

Please give him a HUGE hug for me, won't you?

God Bless all of you for the work that you do. These babies are so lucky to have so many caring and loving people. All your stories bring tears to my eyes and I'm always hoping for a happy ending.

I was on the verge of the happy tears, and then the note on the crate pushed me way over the edge. It's like the winning power ball lottery ticket for dear Creighton. I see great joy for you all ahead.

Oh! I'm so glad he made it ok. He is such a happy boy! I cried when I read this. I am so happy for him. Thanks again so much for all you have done for this little guy.

Oh those eyes!!! You poor baby!! RDR will get you fixed up in no time! I'm sure the peeing is from the excitment of knowing someone is there to pet him!! We had a couple of puppies that did that. Can't wait to meet you.

I am so glad he is with you guy's at the ranch now! I hope he has not been in too much pain! Good Luck with his Doctor's appointment!

If there is any time I need a good happy cry all I have to do is read your blog, Steve. Little Creighton can't see he is at Heaven on Earth but I know he already knows it. Thanks again for everything y'all do. Give him sugars for us-- all his new fans.

He's darling and I'm sure it's nice to have puppy energy in the house, even if he isn't trained.
I love that the other dogs are teaching him boundaries and he and Ellie May sleep under your's wonderful that they're getting along so well already!
His eyes do look painful; he's the luckiest...being at home at RDR and getting the best love and care available.
We look forward to seeing him again soon.

What a cute lanky lab he is.. Creighton - you've got it made now kid. You will be taken great care of.

Oh my, what a cute little guy.
I hope all goes well home him.
Good Luck Creighton !

ps. I love the name !

You guys are so awesome & Creighton is oh so cute!!
Thank you again for all you do.

OH MY, those eyes look SO SO painful. Poor Creighton, I cannot imagine how sad and lonely his life would have been up until now.

Well bless him he is in the right place with all at RDR and I know he will be loved, cared for and cherished from now on.

Kae Norman
Rescued With Love

OMG it's cute guy season at the RDR!

Oh, he is so cute! I just want to pick him up and cuddle him for as long as he'd let me. My own eyes hurt for him though. Very soon, Creighton will know the happiness and love he deserves! Can you imagine the elation of being pain-free after suffering constant & intense pain since birth? Welcome to your new home, Creighton, where you ARE wanted AND loved by thousands!

Owww! Hello Creighton and welcome at doggie paradise. What a lovely coat you have. Soon you will be pain free and can spend your days running around and playing with all your new friends - and the world will never be scary again. Steve, how about a photo of Creighton with some of the smaller members of the house gang (doxies, etc.) now and in a year's time? He's got some big feet to grow into! Thank you to everyone for all you did (and do) to save special ones like these. God bless you.
PS While you are wishing for spring to arrive, down here we are very happy that the nights are finally cooling down and the days are getting shorter. Winter's coming!!

What an uber cute boy!

That Creighton is one charming little fella. What a scary plane ride it must have been for him, especially bc he had no way of seeing what was going on around him. I recently adopted an 11 month (now 15 month) old boxer/pit puppy and brought him home to MA from school in OK. Apparently Sebastian was not a happy camper when he was out of sight of the workers; they said he was squealing away unless they positioned his crate just so! I am so glad that Creighton is going to be able to truly start his puppyhood now - we have found that our 15 month old is just a baby bc he spent his first year of life in a cage w little social interaction. Creighton (and Sebby) must think think they are two lucky little buddies - esp once you get Creighton's eyes a little less sore!! Thank you so much for taking him in.

What a beautiful puppy! Hopefully something can be done about his eyes or if not, I'm sure he can be at least made comfortable. He is one lucky pooch to be able to get to the RDR. May God bless everyone who took part in his rescue.

Creighton welcome to the Royal Castle where you will be treated like the Princes you are...thank you Steve and Alayne for saving yet another one of God's precious creatures! I'm so grateful you founded RDR and the excellent work you do on behalf of these lovely dogs, horses and cats!!!

How adorable is he!!!! Thanks so much for all the work you do!!!

What a sweet, sweet puppy! Ow, makes my eyes hurt tho; didn't want to see them any closer by clicking on photo. Hope he gets over his "submissiveness" soon, or we'll have to start a "new shoes for Steve" fund. Have you told the doxies just how big he is going to be?!! Ha! Ha! They're in for a surprise!

Oh, Steve, he is absolutely precious. I do hope that the pain in his eyes can be alleviated quickly. He is such a sweet boy. You can just see the exburerance, even if his eyes are bad. Welcome to RDR, Crieghton. You will begin to know what it's like to be a puppy and to be loved at you should be. I'll look forward to updates on you.

What a beautiful addition to the crowd. Looking forward to the vet visit so you can get those eyes taken care of. Ain't no fun when you're young, cute and in pain from bad peepers.

What a precious boy! Welcome to the ranch, Creighton!

Welcome Creighton, or should we just call you heartbreaker? :)

*ponders the logistics of adopting from such a great distance*

I promised myself I would not have another 'favorite' at RDR ( too many favorites!) but Creighton has stolen my heart in a huge way.........I wish my donation towards his care had a few extra zero's attached ........Sweet boy, you ar SO adorable :) Welcome to the loving arms of Alayne and Steve !!

Oh, a chocolate lab! Who doesn't love a chocolate lab? He's so beautiful! Welcome, Creighton. You're in good hands :)

Oh my goodness - his poor eyes! Thank goodness he's going to be with you all - and be schooled by the Dachsunds. :)

Creighton is adorable! I am hopeful Dr. Culver can ease his pain and he can grow up to be a happy, pain-free handsome dog. I plan to make a donation to offset his expenses thus far. Thank you for saving this beautiful boy.

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