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December 12, 2007


Hey Guy, you've got alot of folks out here who love you. You're in the hands of a loving family who will love you, not hurt you. I just hope the ones who did hurt you never have the option to ever own an animal again. They messed up, BUT you will be fine because you are loved! Cindy in Colorado

What a beauty Trooper is and it doesn't surprise me one bit him being sweet. We found an abandoned lab and he is the love of our life. Trooper will be treated like he should have been in the first place.

Hey Troop boy! I'm so glad you are doing ok and are in the loving hands of Rolling Dog! You should be receiving your present from me soon, a nice blue argyle sweater. As a Louisiana boy, I think that the Montana weather may be a little chilly for you! Big hugs from your friends in Louisiana!

Hi Trooper, your story is heart-wrenching. I would love to hold you and cuddle you near. There are some terrible humans in this world, but I want you to know that there are many more good people. And many are fighting for strong laws to deal with the animal abusers. I hope your former owner will be prosecuted for their cruelty to you.

Your earthly angels are such an inspiration. I'm sure their work inspires others to go forth and do likewise.

I'll look forward to hearing about your healing progress. My love to you and your angels.

Trooper, you certainly are one. You have the most adorable face and wonderful eyes that just make everyone(except your awful owners) want to give you hugs and kisses. I'm sending mine. xxoo
Did you catch them? Good boy! You will get the attention and love you need at RDR. I can't believe that people are so cruel to animals. You should have had attention when you were just a puppy. Eat all your food and soon you can have your surgery and feel like a brand new dog. Hope you get to meet Smokey & Charlie.
God bless you, Trooper, and God bless everyone at RDR.

Hi Steve & Alayne, Just saw the Trooper story and gosh, how he reminded me of Cody! Joe & I read that Cody got a forever home. It must have been Gods way of saying, Make Room cuz I've got another poor,sweet boy that needs the loving care you two give so selflessly. Our love & hugs to Trooper, and hope hes fit soon so Joe can repair his legs. Such a trusting heart he has, we'll keep him in our thoughts & prayers.

WOW!! fantastic effort by everyone on your team. You guys deserve a medal!! Everyone here in Vancouver is rooting for him to make it through his surgeries and into a his new life. Thank you so much for being such an inspriation. We look forward to seeing Tropper running in the fields.... please give him a hug from us!

Please do not assume the shelter was not feeding Trooper. I went to the local shelter after we lost one of our dogs and fell in love with a badly abused and starved dog. It took months and lots of love to put weight on her. It was awful when I began taking her for walks and people thought I was the one not feeding her. I had the police and the shelter called on me. Since the shelter and the police knew the situation I did not get in trouble. It takes time and love to gain weight.

I bless you for taking Trooper in and all the animals you care for. Troopers story is heartbreaking as so many of them. But I know in your care the rest of his life will be comfortable and happy. How anyone can hurt an animal intentionally or not care for them when they are in need is beyond my comprehension. Thank you for all you do. I can't wait for the rest of the story.

Trooper...much love and sweet kisses to your beautiful face.
Rolling Dog Ranch, you are truly
angels. Can't wait to see his

I work at a shelter in PA and I have such admiration for you and your staff. We sent you the blind lab Brody last year. We too try to raise money for animals to have medical care or to place them with rescues. You are an inspiration to all of us. Bless you. Trooper will have the best of life!

It's an impressive story at your impressive facility. At this season, it warms us to realize that goodness prevails over the troubles of the world. I know it comforts me to know that your good work affects animals and humans alike. Thank you.

Trooper, you will be in my prayers. I am also sending angels to be with you as you recover. You already have human angels to help you now. Rest, eat, and soon you'll be able to have your surgery and be well again. God will be with you.

Thank you for rescuing this wonderful dog. I just fell in love with that sad hound face! I will send a donation to help with this sweet dog's care.

He really is a Trooper!! What a life he's been through - and what a life he has to look forward to. I thank you for all you do for these wonderful animals. And I can't wait to "meet" the three-legged kitties! :)

Major medical problems or not, that is the sweetest dog. I bet all he wants is for someone to love him; you can tell that by the eyes. Thank you for helping him.


Oh my what a cutie Trooper is.I found a female dog that could pass as Trooper's sister here in Florida yesterday. She also has something going on with her legs. The good news she is very sweet and after vet care we will find her the best home with unconditional love.Sending a hug out to Trooper.

Rolling Dog Ranch has given Trooper the best Christmas present of all. May God bless Trooper and bless all at Rolling Dog Ranch.

Trooper has stolen my heart. What an amazing dog. I volunteer at a shelter and every day we see dogs who have been hit by cars or abused and neglected. If an operation is needed the volunteers talk with our vets and come up with a compromise on the cost of expensive surgery. There are many volunteers who contribute their own money, besides their time, to help dogs in need. Good luck to Trooper. He is in great hands.

That poor pooch. I just want to give him a big hug. He looks like he needs it. Im so glad he has found his way to the ranch. I cant wait to see future blog posts where is looking a lot happier and healthier.

And as for the three legged cats - i cant wait to hear about them!

Everyone at the Rolling Dog Ranch is the best. You guys are amazing. Speaking of 3-legged cat, my coworker found an abandoned 3-legged kitten in a local Home Depot parking lot :(

Dear dog, here's hoping you come through your treatment and surgeries like your namesake: like a Trooper. I'm so glad that his worst days are behind him now that he's at Rolling Dog.

I had a three-legged cat for years. He moved like the wind and loved climbing to the top of the fridge to perch. Best wishes to all the new ones, Trooper and the kitties.

I think all of us reading this blog feel the same - gratitude on a very personal level, an easing of OUR pain at this poor dog's plight, grateful and relieved. Thank you so very much for taking care of this dog.

I fell in love with him at first sight too! Those ears! I cannot wait for the first photo of him playing in the snow.

Love to you both.


Trooper is worth it, Steve. And thanks to him, I'm finally going to become an official supporter of RDR.

I don't know if you plan on renaming Trooper, but his name Trooper sure fits. You can tell by the look in his face that he soldiers on dispite his problems and he'll have a great life at the Ranch.

Welcome HOME Sweet Trooper!

Reading this post and stopping at the last sentences to absorb it all gave me body chills and tears in my eyes. What an amazing disposition he has dispite what he's been through. He so deserves a wonderful home with you guys. So glad he made it to you safely. We send him much love and hope his rounds of surgery and recovery go well. But first, the good part....eating!

Welcome home Trooper :- )

Sweet happy he is in your hands now. He has the saddest eyes but I know in your care they'll be happy once again. Give him a big schmoochie for me!

Congratulations to an absolutely wonderful team - every one of you - for the work that you do that is so very valuable. Trooper is in the best of hands now. I will be pulling for his recovery in every way and most of all am so happy that he will feel the love that is surrounding him at the ranch. Thanks for all you do!!!! You make a part of the world a very happy place and if that spreads, you have everything to do with it.

Trooper, What a fitting name!!! For all you have been through, you are in perfect hands. Can't wait to meet you.

Trooper looks like a real heart stealer! He's going to thrive with all the food, love & medical care that he's going to get now that he's arrived at the RDR! It's going to be interesting to see what his reaction is to snow. I'm so sorry to see that he's had such a tough life, but it's all gravy now. Thanks so much for taking this black beauty.
With grateful hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Trooper just won the greatest gift...your love! I will be thinking of him in the weeks ahead and hoping to hear often how he is doing.

God bless your wonderful work!

Ow My God was a sweet sad face. He's home at last. You people are so wonderful to take this this sweet boy.

How could anyone hurt that precious dog. How could anyone not see he needed medical care in the first place. Thank goodness he is with loving people now and will get the care, love and food that he needs to get through these next months so that he can get well. He must be really scared and cold right now, but I know that with the good love and care he will be getting now, he will be painfree and happy when spring comes in Montana.

Poor lil fella! I'm happy you have found the love and care that you need Trooper! Steve, why is he so skinny when he was at the shelter for well over 3 weeks. Were they not feeding him because he didn't fit their adoption policy? I'm glad he has you now.

What an appropriate name for you, Trooper. You've already shown your mettle. You couldn't possibly be in a better place. All your worries are over. Kisses to your sweet face.

Wish I could reach through my monitor and hug this boy, these shots are just heartbreaking. I also have a rescue with a previously devastating pelvis fracture and resulting obliterated hip socket. Interesting is the way the xrays are similar and that other hip projects. The ortho surgeon recommended leaving the joint in there -for now-. I'll be following this very precious boys progress.

As I read his story I couldn't help but to cry. I can't and won't understand how someone can dump an animal like they were garbage. Just looking at his sweet face tears a person up. Hope his life at the ranch will be a long and healthy one. Kudos to you and Alayne. Look forward to reading about his progress. WELCOME TROOPER

Welcome home, sweet boy! I'm sure that the TLC of the RDR and of their great vets will soon work miracles on you! I wish you a long and happy life in "Big Sky Country"! God bless you all.

Welcome Trooper..bon appetit. Can't wait to see the 3 legged kitties. I have a 3 legged cat and she is amazing.

Welcome Trooper..bon appetit. Can't wait to see the 3 legged kitties. I have a 2 legged cat and she is amazing.

Trooper has been through so much and he so looks like he needs the real love he will now find at RDR. He's so skinny and I can't wait to see him flourish under your care at the Ranch. I eagerly await up dates on this TRUE Trooper.

We had a tripod cat for 17 years—what a joy!!

Welcome Trooper, what soulful eyes you have - I see a future picture (maybe six months from now?) with Trooper rolling in the grass and no-one being able to believe how he started out!! I'll be crossing all my fingers and toes that all goes well - and what a nice bit of homework, being filled up with groceries!
Can't wait to hear about the tripod-kitties - we had one several years back. Are they ever fast, using their tails as rudders. Amazing how these scared and traumatised creatures teach us about endurance and forgiveness. Down here we are sitting in the office with fans going full blast trying to cool down - and it's not even 8am yet! Lots of (warm) blessings and love to you all.

Trooper....I'm in love with your sweet face!

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