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December 12, 2007


I'm so happy for Buddy. What a beautiful dog and one that looks so happy in his new home!

What great news for Buddy! He looks like he belongs with Kapi and the other critters. Congrats to all!

That's indeed THE best outcome. Complete with a great couch, kitty friend and Kapi. Awesome! Congratulations ALL!

Thank you for having such a big heart, Kapi!!

Congratulations to Kapi and her family (feline's included) and Buddy. He most certainly looks at home with that big pant of a smile on his face.
We wish you many years of happiness!

Wonderful news for Buddy and Kapi. To all the "Foster Flunkies" out there!! Thanks.

Congrats on Boudreaux/Buddy being adopted by Kapi in Dallas! He looks like he's very comfortable there & being watched over by one of the cats to make sure he has everything he needs. I love the happy stories, & he sounds like a real sweetheart. I'm so glad he now has a loving forever home! Thanks Kapi & family (including the other critters) for welcoming Buddy into your home!
Big hugs,
ginger, Tobias & Tlingit

Another Foster Flunky---I know many--including myself.

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