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June 05, 2007


I used to have a dog who would lay in the sun to bake. I'm guessing the dirt was soaking up the sun and making it very warm. So instead of cool grass this guy was laying on nature's heating pad which always makes bones feel good.

Anyone who thinks blind animals cannot enjoy life has not seen your great pictures! What a lucky dog to be at RDR.

What a character - thanks for bringing us a smile today. :)

Hi you guys - I have a great idea for you - you could make a great funny coffee table book out of all the dogs' ridiculous sleeping poses and call it "1000 ways to relax" or something - it would be a great fund raiser and I doubt there's a person alive who wouldn't want one! I can tell that your humorous approach to life is a lot of the reason these animals are so darned happy - keep up the good work and I hope you didn't get too much snow!

Well, Willie IS a student of the Widget College of Ridiculous Sleeping Positions; I think he's practicing for his graduation ceremony. Nice job Willie!

looks like me at Thanksgiving! Of course, when you're Willie and the other lucky souls at RDR... EVERYDAY is Thanksgiving!

Full belly, sunny day, happy guy...not a care in the world...I'd be sprawled out to after breakfast! As a matter of fact, I'm jealous!!

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